Becoming Human: The Seven of Nine Saga: Script Book #2 (Star Trek)

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I certainly feel that it is one of the biggest mistakes ever made in Trek to have Roddenberry allowed to hack a working script apart and remove its heart. Thanks for the kind words! But, thankfully, you got it across well yourself! Pretty much anything special and unique about that show came solely from the actors and subsequent creative teams who expanded on everything considerably.

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Becoming Human: The Seven of Nine Saga

It will be a sequel to the events of Star Trek: Vanguard and feature many of Vanguard's characters, ships, and settings, returning two of that series's recurring starships to the Taurus Reach for an ongoing mission of exploration. Seekers will be a return to Star Trek ' s original ideology of "seeking out new worlds and new civilizations" and will center on the U. Endeavour and the U. Sagittarius as they explore the Taurus Reach. Unlike Vanguard , the series will not follow a serialized storyline, but will be more stand-alone in its approach.

This series spanned all of the live action Star Trek TV shows that had aired episodes at the time of the books' release and was part of the numbered Pocket Books series. The concept behind this series is an exclusive club, which is not anchored in time or space, open only to ship captains. The price of admission is to regale the other members with a story of a previous adventure.

Spanning every incarnation of Star Trek , "Captain's Table" novels typically use the club as a framing device for flashback stories. These two books featured a prologue from Enterprise and four tales, covering all five TV series. Star Trek: Destiny is a crossover trilogy authored by David Mack.

Also known as SCE , this series of original novella-length stories was initially published in e-book format. The first 66 of these ebooks have been reissued in printed collections. In December , the e-book series was relaunched under the title Corps of Engineers. The following ebooks were issued which are not available in any of the above collections:. The six-book storyline was published as volumes 89 through 94 of the TOS novel series and served to set up future Challenger adventures. David Mack , Greg Cox.

Several young-adult books were released between and , featuring various Star Trek crews during their Academy learning years.

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Many Star Trek novels have been adapted for audio, but these are the only original stories produced exclusively for audio. List of Star Trek novels The science fiction franchise Star Trek has been adapted into published novels , novelizations , and short story collections since Main article: List of Star Trek: Voyager novels and relaunches. Main article: Star Trek: New Frontier.

Main article: Star Trek: Stargazer. Main article: Star Trek: Klingon Empire. Main article: Star Trek: Titan. Main article: Dominion War. Main article: Star Trek: Section Main article: Star Trek: New Earth. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved March 3, Pocket Books.

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Retrieved Retrieved 18 February Retrieved 6 October Star Trek publications. Mission to Horatius Spock Must Die! Death in Winter Rules of Engagement. Star Fleet Technical Manual Mr. Blish adaptations Strange New Worlds. Star Trek spin-off fiction. Star Trek. Outline Timeline Canon.

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    Robert E. The Covenant of the Crown. The Prometheus Design. The Abode of Life. Lee Correy G. Harry Stine. Black Fire. Web of the Romulans. Mutiny on the Enterprise. The Wounded Sky. The Trellisane Confrontation. The Tears of the Singers. Melinda Snodgrass. The Vulcan Academy Murders. Uhura's Song.

    Becoming Human: The Seven of Nine Saga: Script Book #2 by Sandy Silverthorn

    Shadow Lord. Killing Time. Dwellers in the Crucible. Margaret Wander Bonanno. Pawns and Symbols. Crisis on Centaurus. Fortunes of War, Book One Dreadnought! The conversation ends with Pike demanding that the Talosians punish him instead of her, since he is the one being uncooperative, which the Keeper regards as an excellent development in their relationship. The next illusion is a pleasant picnic just outside Pike's hometown of Mojave , with Vina attempting to entice Pike with the familiar setting, but with Pike still resisting, knowing that all of it is just a mere illusion.

    Vina then realizes that scenarios with which Pike is already familiar have not been successful in enticing him to cooperate, and surmises that he might be more easily swayed by a forbidden fantasy. The Talosians next tempt Pike by making Vina appear as a dancing Orion slave girl. The Enterprise tries without success to channel the starship 's power to the surface to blast a way to Pike. Then Spock locates the Talosians' power generator and prepares a landing party.

    However, only the females Number One and Yeoman Colt are the only ones transported, as the Talosians seek to give Pike a choice of mates; and their weapons and communicators appear not to work. Vina resents the competition; Number One says records indicate Vina cannot be as young as she appears. As the rescue attempts have failed, Spock orders the Enterprise to leave orbit, but the Talosians immobilize it and scan its records, convincing Spock that the ship's utility to the Talosians is at an end and that they will now "swat… this fly.

    Pike determines that any strong emotions keep the Talosians from controlling his mind and uses this to his advantage. While Pike feigns sleep, the Talosian magistrate tries to recover the female officers' lasers from the cage. Pike seizes the magistrate and ignores the illusions.

    Star Trek Script Books 1 & 2 Two Becoming Human The Seven of Nine Saga Q Chronic

    He reasons that the malfunction of the lasers was itself an illusion and uses the laser pistol to compel the magistrate to stop deceiving him. He now sees that they had blasted away the wall of the cage on their first attempt. He escapes with the women to the surface and sees that the blasting operation on the door had also succeeded, despite an illusion made to appear otherwise. But the communicators still don't work, and the Talosian says that the original goal was to put the group on the surface.

    Pike offers himself as a captive for the freedom of the others and the Enterprise , but Number One begins a "force-chamber" overload of her laser pistol, intending to destroy herself and her shipmates to thwart the Talosians' plans. She tells the Talosian magistrate that it is wrong to create a whole race of Humans to live as slaves. The magistrate's aides arrive, presenting the summary of the ship's records. The records have shown that Humans possess a "unique hatred of captivity," even when pleasant, making them too dangerous for the Talosians' needs. The magistrate does not apologize for the imposition but concedes that they will now become extinct.

    Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway scene (HD)

    Pike asks if commerce or cooperation might not restore the planet, but the magistrate replies that Humans would learn the Talosians' power of illusion and destroy themselves, just as the Talosians did. The crew members are free to go, but Vina says she cannot join them. After the others transport aboard, the Talosians show Pike Vina's true appearance: underneath the Talosian illusions, she is badly deformed from the crash of the Columbia.

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    • They were able to make it so that she could remain alive, but could not restore her appearance. The Talosians agree to take care of Vina and they provide her with an illusory Captain Pike to keep her company. Pike returns to the bridge, reassuring Dr. Boyce that he is completely refreshed for work, and waving off a query from Yeoman Colt about whom he would have chosen as a mate, as well as accusing the doctor of being a "dirty old man" for inquiring into the meaning of Colt's remark.

      The Enterprise departs. Solar system similar to Earth; eleven planets.